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General Information on Ramallah

Ramallah is located in the center of the West Bank, only 10 km north of Jeruslaem. Adjacent to Al-Bireh, these cities are characterized by having interlinking borders, and are distinguished by their historical backgrounds. Ramallah is known to be one of the affluent and liberal cities, it is also a very lively city as it currently serves as the administrative capital of the Palestinian National Authority. 

Top things to do in Ramallah

The main attractions in Ramallah are mostly at close proximity to each other. This is a link of the city’s map

A. Cultural & Historical Sites

  • Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center: Located in the city of Ramallah, this center acts as a main hub of social and cultural events. There are a wide range of events held there from exhibitions, movie screenings, and concerts. Since its foundation in 1996, it has been a popular venue for such events. Similar locations include Ramallah Cultural Palace and Al-Kasaba Theatre.
  • Mahmoud Darwish Museum (Al-Bireh Park): This location includes 4 main facilities in a 3 acres space: A museum of Darwish’s belongings, a hall for cultural events and celebrations, an outdoor theatre, and a garden.
  • Other Historical Sites: Khan Al-Bireh, Ottoman Court, the Old city of Ramallah, Holy Family Latin Church and others.
  • Other Landmarks: The presidential compounds (Al-Mukata’a), Prisoners of Freedom Square, Nelson Mandela Square, Mahmoud Darwish Square, Aziz Shaheen Square and others.

B. Shopping

  • Old Markets: The main street in Ramallah is the busiest shopping area. Below is a map of this district (ref: You can find shops for purchasing souvenirs and regular shopping outlets, restaurants, and cafes in this area.

C. Dining

  • Rukab’s Ice cream: One of the hallmarks of Ramallah with its distinguished taste.
  • Zeit ou Za’atar: This restaurant is located in the center of the Ramallah’s main street (Rukab Street) right opposite of Rukab’s ice cream. It serves traditional breakfast/snack/dinner pastries, and Palestinian dishes for lunch such as their famous Mussakhan.  
  • Ramallah is very busy with restaurants and cafes that suites everyone’s taste, from Italian such Angelo’s, burger places such as Firefly, Hardees, Illegal burger and others, and pizza places such as Domino’s pizza, Pizza Hut, Mr. Pizza, Osama’s Pizza, NYC Pizza and others. For a full directory of restaurants and cafes in Ramallah, please visit the following site:

Other close Palestinian cities also contain sites that are worthy of visiting, such as the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, among others.