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Four different prizes will be awarded to the winners at the end of the 4th day of the conference. The awards will be as the following:

  1. Dr. Atallah Rashmawi’s Award for best paper in laboratory medicine

    This award is given in memory of the late Dr. Attallah Rishmawi to honor his good endeavors in supporting the lives of Palestinians, as well as supporting Palestinian scientists and their efforts to serve Palestine. The family of the late Dr. Atallah Rishmawi decided to allocate a prize in the field of scientific research in the various medical laboratory sciences, these include all medical laboratory sciences regulated by the Palestinian Medical Technology Association and the Ministry of Health. This is awarded for the following purposes:

    1. To directly contribute to and support scientific research in Palestine, provided that this research leads to increased knowledge and to be of scientific benefit to Palestine.
    2. To contribute to the graduation and the development of a generation of scientists, experts and specialists in the fields of laboratory medical sciences.
    3. To highlight the process of scientific innovation, ensure the appreciation of scientists, and encourage scientific research.
    4. Organizing competitions for scientists and researchers to encourage them to be involved in scientific research and to conduct innovative scientific experiments.

    All abstracts submitted by Palestinian or Arab participants and accepted for an oral presentation in the IPCLM-10/ACCB-15 are eligible for the award. The research submitted for the competition shall be in one of the conference areas. The applicant shall not have received a similar prize for the same field for the award from any other party. Previous winners of the late Dr. Attallah Rishmawi award may apply for competition in the same specialization or in another specialty.

    The award committee shall review the scientific and creative production of the candidates it deems to win the prizes in accordance with the academic and scientific norms required during the evaluation process for the following items:

    • Originality, research methodology and presentation.
    • How much this research adds new knowledge.
    • Language and accuracy.
    • Documentation sources and their relevance to the subject matter.
    • Extent of the importance of the research and its references or conferences attended by the researcher.
    • The extent of the research’s contribution to the reality of laboratory medicine in Palestine.

    The names of the winners shall be announced at the end of the IPCLM-10/ACCB-15 by the President of the Palestinian Medical Technology Association. The winner of the award will receive a certificate of appreciation, a souvenir with the prize code, and a monetary award of $5000.

  2. Best Poster Award
    The 10th IPCLM Award committee will select the best poster presentation during the four days of the conference. The conditions for the award and its evaluation are as follows:
    1. The winners will be announced on the last day of the conference and the prize will be awarded then. In case the winners were not present, they will be sent an email with the information on how to collect the prize.
    2. The evaluation will consider the poster style, poster content, and the given oral presentation.
    3. More specifically the award committee will consider four main criteria in each of the mentioned above. The criteria are content, organization, delivery, and the design. Each section will contribute with equal weighting to the final score given to each poster. Each criterion is expected to meet the following conditions:
      • Content: the research topic addresses an important issue in the chosen area. The questions/aims of the research are clear. Information is accurate and the presenter shows knowledge of the key terms in that area.
      • Organization: the content follows a logical structure. The presentation of the ideas follows a logical progression to support the research aims. Headings and subheadings are clear and logically ordered.
      • Delivery: The presenter shows full knowledge of the presented material. The presenters are able to elaborate on any further questions.
      • Design: The design is attractive and easy to read. The texts and figures are clear and easily read and viewed. There are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. The colors support the readability of the overall poster.

    The selected winner will receive a monetary reward with the value of 500 USD, made available at the end of the awards ceremony.

  3. PMTA President Award
    This award was introduced by the PMTA council by the name of the PMTA president. This award is given to people from the PMTA members who offered great services to the PMTA. During the conference, a special committee will announce winners of this award from all the nominees. The winner/s will be awarded a certificate and a monetary prize of 1000 USD.
  4. AFCB Award
    This award is awarded by the Arab Federation of Clinical Biology. The AFCB award will be given to a candidate with the following conditions: a citizen of the Arab Union, a member of the AFCB, the research submitted for the competition shall be in one of the conference areas, and has not been awarded a similar prize for his research. The candidate must directly nominate himself or submit his candidacy in writing.

    This award will be specifically given this year to a young researcher no older than the age of 40 years by April 21, 2018 and for a research that was conducted at Arab Unibersities.

    In order to submit your nomination, please fill in the nomination form upon receiving an email of acceptance of your abstract as an oral presentation. You have to provide a cover letter on why the nominee is worthy of this prize.This award includes a certificate, a souvenir with the prize code, and a monetary prize of 3,000 USD. The names of the winners shall be announced after the Board of Trustees approves the recommendations of the Scientific Arbitration Committee in the various media. Afterwards, the winner of the prize shall be notified in writing of the award and the date of the awards ceremony and its place, as it will be presented to the winners at the time of the Arab Conference on Clinical Biology and Laboratory Medicine, where the winners will be hosted to attend the awards ceremony.