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Prof. Bernard GOUGET is a Counsellor for Public Health at the Fédération Hospitalière de France (FHF) where he is responsible for monitoring national programs involving the growing challenges facing public hospitals and the health and safety of the patient. Most of his academic career has been spent at the University Paris Descartes as assistant Professor in Physiology and Laboratory Medicine with two main thrusts; organ physiology in intensive care and the adaptation of health care services to required standards of patient care.  He has gained extensive academic qualifications in the medical sciences and in health economy, including a DEA in Health economy and a thesis in Public Health. He was nominated to the list of approved hospitals directors in 1995.

He has also served as a member of the steering committee in charge of the French reform of the medical laboratories and an expert in medical biology for the European Union at the Ministry of health level. He is the President of the Committee of the Human Section at the COFRAC (National body for accreditation). He acted as chair of the IFCC-Communications and Publications Division (1997-2003), IFCC-Executive Board member (2009-2011) and IFCC Treasurer (2012-2014). He is currently the chair of the IFCC-Nominations Committee (2016-2017). At the IFCC-EB is served as the Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB) liaison and as SFBC-EFLM representative during 15 years. He established the IFCC-TF for Young Scientists in 2009. Bernard Gouget is acting as General Secretary at the International Francophone Federation of Clinical Biology and Laboratory Medicine (FIFBCML) created by the French speaking and Euro-Mediterranean countries to reinforce the international network of laboratory scientists within IFCC. He is also well known for his know-how and experience in the organization of the recent IFCC-EFLM events ( President EuroMedLab Paris 2015;Chair -IFCC General Conference Madrid 2016, Member COC-EuroMedLab Athens2017)